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What some of our clients are saying:

"Huge Difference!!"

"Atlas connected us with a few different solar panel installation companies in our area and the one we finally picked was amazing! They knew everything about the equipment and the amounts of energy it could generate and even helped us get a few rebates just for installing them!" - Audrey S.

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"I'm Blown Away!"

"Since we used Atlas to find our solar energy contractors, our home is valued much higher than it ever has been, our energy bills have completely stopped, and all of our power is just as reliable as it ever was with the electric company! Solar energy is absolutely the way to go!" - Johnny C.

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"Never Looking Back!"

"I was skeptical about solar energy at first but my wife finally talked me into trying Atlas to get an estimate. The contractors who did the consultation were very knowledgeable and explained how much a solar energy system could decrease our bills without affecting our power. I was amazed!" - Dave M.

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// The Atlas Advantage

You’re sure to love the contractors you’re connected to through the Atlas network. Here’s why:

Knowledgeable Experts

The local solar energy contractors you find through our network are knowledgeable of every facet of solar energy from the rebates which it entitles homeowners to in many states and with many utility companies, to the conditions ideal for generating the most energy possible at your home, to the most efficient and effective ways to perform the solar energy system installation and maintenance.

This knowledgeability means that any questions or concerns you may have about switching to solar energy at your home can be thoroughly answered by the professional solar energy contractors who perform your consultation and estimate. What's more, these contractors will guide you through the many different payment options which are available to solar energy homeowners, the proper permits to complete the installation, and all the rebates which you’re eligible for in your area all during your free estimate!

You can count on the contractors you find through our network to be the most reliable, attentive, and professional solar energy system technicians that can be found anywhere. And that means that you can expect their final results to be beautiful, beneficial, and of superior generating power for years to come.

Why We're Different

Local Convenience

Our contractor network features experienced, knowledgeable solar energy contractors in every part of the United States from the green hills of Maine to the sandy shore of California, which means that your home's solar energy system installation will be handled by technicians right from your neighborhood, ensuring more convenient scheduling and more specialized knowledge of area-specific details on the installation and incentive programs.

Comprehensive Consultations

Every consultation with the solar energy contractors featured in the Atlas network is sure to address all your questions and concerns about switching your home over to solar energy. Our expert solar energy contractors are known for their friendly, attentive customer service and are happy to guide you through every detail from the different types of solar panels which are available to the different payments plans in your area to the best ways to ensure you're getting the most out of your solar energy system moving forward.

Affordable Solutions

Solar energy systems don't have to be expensive any more! Because of the growing number of solar energy contractors who are available through our contractor network it's easier than ever to find solar energy solutions which fit just about any budget. We encourage you to compare the estimated prices you receive from all your local solar energy contractors and decide for yourself which solar energy solution is best for your home and budget.

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