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Until recently, it was hard to find expert help when it came to solar energy solutions, even though there was no home remodeling option on the market which could offer as many benefits to a home as solar energy. Bedford, TX homeowners now need not worry, as there's an easy way to get in touch with highly knowledgeable and professional solar energy contractors right in their neighborhood: the Atlas Solar Innovations solar energy contractor network.

At Atlas Solar Innovations, we strive to help as many homeowners as possible gain the benefits of solar energy. Bedford, TX homeowners, however, are often surprised to hear of the sheer number of ways that solar panel installations and overall solar energy system adoption can improve their home and decrease their bills. If you're ready to learn more about the solar energy solutions Bedford, TX Atlas Solar Innovations contractors can provide for you, read over some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you're interested in speaking with the experts on solar energy in Bedford, TX, contact us to arrange a completely free consultation and estimate. You're sure to love the information you receive and the savings that professional solar energy contractors can provide.


I heard solar energy remodeling projects are expensive. Are the results really worth the cost?

The cost for solar system installation depends on a number of factors and is oftentimes much more affordable than homeowners initially think. This is particularly true thanks to the numerous incentive programs which exist at the federal, state, and local government levels. That said, hiring professional solar energy Bedford, TX contractors to perform these services has been shown to be one of the most beneficial decisions a homeowner can make when it comes to receiving a high return on their investment.

What maintenance will my solar system need?

In Bedford solar energy projects involve very minimal maintenance following completion to keep functioning at their maximum potential! At the time of your solar energy contractor estimate, the trained professionals from Atlas Solar Innovations will make all the necessary precautions to make sure that factors like roof damage and tree growth will not result in any foreseeable problems with your solar energy system in the future. An annual inspection and cleaning may be necessary but aside from these quick exceptions, the homeowner has no responsibilities other than enjoying their tremendously energy-efficient home.

How much will my solar energy project cost? What kind of payment options are there?

The cost of your particular Bedford solar energy project depends on a number of factors and so providing an accurate, all-encompassing answer is impossible. That said, if you schedule a free estimate with the Bedford solar energy contractors Atlas Solar Innovations features, they'll be able to provide a comprehensive assessment of your home's project, detailing everything from the incentive programs you'll participate for and the many payment options which are available to you moving forward with the project. These options include everything from entirely up-front payment to a “solar lease” or “solar power purchase agreement” which stretches your payments over several years and may begin with as little as zero dollars down-payment. All the different payment options have their pros and cons and will be explained thoroughly by the trained solar energy contractors who perform your free estimate.

After my solar energy system is installed is there a warranty period?

Generally speaking, yes. The vast majority of solar energy systems are warrantied for a number of years after initial installation, with different parts of the system being subject to different levels of this protection. However, we at Atlas Solar Innovations do not set warranty periods for the solar energy contractors included in our contractor network. To find out about the exact warranty period with the Bedford solar energy contractors near you arrange a free consultation and estimate.

How long will a solar energy system installation take? How will my home look afterwards?

Once you've received your free consultation and estimate and hired a professional solar energy contractor, a number of permits for the project must be completed to ensure that the work is approved by your local government and to inform your utility company of the change in power source moving forward. This latter detail will in most cases result in you receiving a monthly rebate from your solar energy system for excess energy which your home's unit returns to the power grid. Once this paperwork has been completed, installation of your complete solar energy system will only take a day or two, which will be scheduled entirely around your convenience. As for your home's appearance, solar energy systems have evolved a great deal since their initial invention in the 1970s. Today the appearance of solar panels are seamless and elegant. They're actually now shown to increase the property value of a home significantly.

How much of my home's energy could a solar energy system account for? How long will it take to pay for itself?

Typically, solar energy Bedford households can expect for anywhere from half of their yearly energy consumption to all of their energy consumption to be generated entirely from their solar energy systems. Of course, this percentage varies from home to home as different families have different levels of energy consumption. Likewise, the time it takes for the energy generated from your solar energy system to equal the cost to install it varies from home to home but the average number of years it takes for your solar energy system to pay for itself can be estimated according to this report.

What's the difference between silicon solar panels and thin film solar panels?

Silicon solar panels are the most energy-generating option for solar energy systems based on their composition and design. However, they're more variable in price, are typically more expensive to initially install, and are more bulky and noticeable than thin film solar panels. Thin film solar panels, on the other hand, are inexpensive to install but don't generate nearly as much energy as silicon. Essentially, the difference between the two is a matter of saving up-front or over-time. You can discuss the particular solar panels you're interested in with the local Bedford solar energy contractors who perform your free consultation and estimate.

Solar Energy in Bedford, TX

Deciding to hire local Bedford solar energy contractors to work on your home can greatly improve the property's real estate value and energy efficiency while tremendously reducing your home's utility bills and taxable status when performed by the trained professional solar energy contractors you're connected to through the Atlas Solar Innovations network.

If you're ready to join the growing number of homeowners in Bedford, TX who have turned to environmentally-friendly solar energy, or if you'd just like to speak in detail with a trained solar energy systems expert right in your neighborhood, you're invited to arrange a free estimate with the local Bedford solar energy contractors featured in our network. Contact us today and improve your home forever.

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